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Weber Vacuum Coolers for Fresh Produce


Highest capacity solutions for pallets
We can build rooms in each size, and for each application. As an indication we offer you three examples.
XWide 8
  • Front loaded vacuum room, for 4 x 2 pallets
  • Three performance designs, for flowers, vegetables and for turf & compost
  • Also available as compact 2 x 2 pallet room, and as multi room solution
Ultimate XWide 8  vacuum cooler
Ultimate XWide 8 technical drawing vacuum cooler
XLarge 12
  • Designed for large USA growers, 2 x 6 pallets per room
  • High capacity – for ultimate speed. Double door option for integrated logistics
  • Multi room solutions for ultimate performance, full stainless steel for maximum hygiene
Ultimate XLarge 12 vacuum cooler
Ultimate XLarge 12 technical drawing vacuum cooler
  • Designed for cooling down full trailer(s) (loads)
  • Two different solutions; one for vegetables and one for compost
  • Modular technology. Heat recovery & energy saving options
Ultimate Trailer-Plus vacuum cooler
Ultimate Trailer-Plus technical drawing vacuum cooler
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We ARE vacuum cooling
Worldwide leader in vacuum cooling solutions for fresh produce and food. Weber Cooling is part of Strade Consult BV.

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