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The widest range of vacuum cooler solutions around the world.

The largest supplier of vacuum coolers, for all applications!


At Weber Cooling we ONLY do vacuum cooling. We are recognized as the largest total supplier of vacuum coolers. Our goal is to become the leading supplier in all (six) areas of application, by striving to make the best possible vacuum coolers in our own workshops, according to our own design and equipped with our own software, at affordable costs. With premium support for both installation and after sales service. To guarantee you maximum satisfaction at minimal cost of ownership.

Until 2018, production took place in our own workshop in Shanghai. In 2018 we opened a new 6000 m² workshop in Tongzhou Bay, Nantong, China. From this new modern location we have doubled our production capacity! In 2019 we also opened our brand new factory headquarters here: Weber Cooling China, including a research and development department and an additional 4,000 m² workshop. In addition, that year we opened a workshop and office in Gyöngyös, Hungary: Weber Cooling Kft, which now allows us to produce more than 100 vacuum cooling systems per year.
Vacuum Coolers for Food
Weber Cooling offers three different ranges of special, high-quality, stainless steel vacuum coolers for the food industry - each series designed for a specific customer group. This is the only way to ensure that you get a vacuum cooling solution that is attuned to the specifications required to cool your product in the best and most cost-effective way. The first selection is based on the required application:
Maximum speed - maximum control. Bakery products can be cooled within 1 to 8 minutes. Not only is this the fastest chiller, it also has a special control system for the cooling and inflation speed, needed to cool bread without damaging it. We have developed ultra-high energy-efficient solutions especially for bakery refrigeration.

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Designed to cool a wide range of cooked, baked and fried products such as meat, vegetables and rice, pasta or potatoes to their desired temperature within 15 to 30 minutes. The product is cooled to the core with the lowest power consumption. We offer systems for trolleys and bins, but also tailor-made systems.

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Designed to cool rice in 5 to 10 minutes. A special inflation control system ensures that every grain of rice gets the perfect texture, maximizing the bite and taste of the rice / sushi. In addition to all-round solutions for rice, we offer systems that have been specifically developed for cooling sushi rice (up to ± 30⁰C or 86⁰F) and sushi rolls (up to ± 5⁰C or 41⁰F).

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Vacuum Coolers for Fresh Produce
We are the only supplier to develop tailor-made solutions in every format, optimized for every application area. With manual door, electric sliding door or hydraulic revolving door (s) and integrated chain logistics on request. We offer a cost-efficient version with standard (DX) cooling and a high-end (CE / UL) version with fast, future-proof water cooling. The first selection is based on the capacity you need:
Universal vacuum cooler for all standard pallet sizes, with capacity for ONE or TWO pallets per room. Extremely short cooling times, so that the highest capacity is possible. Suitable for cooling up to six pallets per hour!

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Designed for handling standard pallets (1,000 x 1,200 mm or 40 "x 48"). We offer standardized solutions for 3 to 24 pallets per room, available in both single and double chamber configurations.

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Designed for handling Euro pallets (800 x 1,200 mm). We offer standardized solutions from 4 to 12 pallets per room and offer multi-room solutions for maximum capacity and flexibility.

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For maximum flexibility, we can offer you mobile solutions that suit your needs. From compact field coolers to trailer-mounted solutions for two or more pallets per load. Built to your specifications.

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The AIR Range is our solution for rapidly cooling aircraft pallets and is specially designed for the management of the flower cold chain. We offer standardized solutions for up to 4 aircraft pallets.

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We design and build custom solutions based on your needs and specifications. Thanks to our modular concept, we can keep the costs low, but still offer the perfect solution for your needs.

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We ARE vacuum cooling
Worldwide leader in vacuum cooling solutions for fresh produce and food. Weber Cooling is part of Strade Consult BV.

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