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Vacuum Cooling for Mushrooms

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Vacuümkoeling voor Brood & Bakkerij
Vacuümkoeling voor Brood & Bakkerij
Vacuümkoeling voor de Keuken
Vacuümkoeling voor de Keuken
Vacuümkoeling voor Rijst
Vacuümkoeling voor Rijst
Vacuümkoeling voor Groenten & Kruiden
Vacuümkoeling voor Groenten en Kruiden
Vacuümkoeling voor Bloemen en Koudeketen
Vacuümkoeling voor Bloemen en Koudeketen
Vacuümkoeling voor Graszoden en Compost
Vacuümkoeling voor Graszoden en Compost

Vacuum Cooling for Mushrooms

Mushrooms are harvested at relatively high temperatures. Since they are living products, they continue to produce heat (and moisture). Rapid pre-cooling is important to prevent high temperatures, extend shelf life and realize longer transport times.

Weber Cooling has developed a special range of vacuum coolers for mushrooms. These coolers guarantee the shortest cooling times (on average 10 to 20 minutes) with the lowest energy consumption. Our modular and uncomplicated, yet powerful design is extremely cost effective, both in the short and long term: your maintenance costs are minimized and your uptime maximized!

Ideal for cooling mushrooms

Vacuum cooling is the only cooling technique that cools mushrooms homogeneously and thoroughly to the core, while drying the skin of the mushroom at the same time! We have listed some the advantages of vacuum cooling for mushrooms for you. Amongst others, our vacuum coolers:
  • increase the firmness of mushrooms
  • are way more effective and fast than conventional coolers: cool to 0 - 5 °C in 10 - 20 min.
  • increase peroxidase activity in the mushrooms, protecting them from diseases and extending their shelflife
  • reduce the level of lipid peroxides in the mushrooms, reducing cell damage and oxidative damage to the mushrooms
  • decrease superoxide generation in the mushrooms, preventing diseases and cell damage, while de-accelerating the aging process

Enthusiastic users of our vacuum cooling systems:

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